Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It has always been hard to describe the nature of my work. In an attempt to do so, I feel that I reveal what I have not managed to depict rather than the deepest message of my work.
         Providing a specific explanation deprives you of the possibility of a different interpretation. However, explaining or analyzing some thoughts that led to the genesis of a work of art is a sine qua non condition for the latter.
            This section of the works deals with the composition of two discrepant or overlapping images which fall within the same framework. My major goal is to create a short story with two images which at first seem to be incoherent but which still have a common denominator, a common ground. The common denominator is the space in which we are all moving, which is fragmentary and at the same time cohesive conceptually. The association is the missing link between two images, two experiences which do not always have an explicit rational connection. The oxymoron and irony are basic elements of the synthesis. An absurd element, an incompatible line changes the whole picture into a symbolism.
            I always act on the basis of my beliefs. I seek to elucidate and research my inner motives with all means available. The representations are fundamentally cognitive and in my laborious effort to follow an idea I have high expectations from both myself and the spectators.
      Just like every form of art, painting is an arena of hard balances and intricate human contradictions. The lyricism emerges from the anguish of expression. The freedom attained while painting is the offspring of an inner commitment. Whatever is complex has to give the impression of simplicity. 

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